September 22, 2010

ACCENTURE PAPER/Accenture Aptitude Questions - 29 AUG 2004 - BHUBANESWAR

Accenture Aptitude Questions ACCENTURE PAPER - 29 AUG 2004 - BHUBANESWAR
 75 questions, 75 min. No negative marking.

Pattern of test:           

1. Written (non tech + tech).
2. HR interview.
3. Final interview. (tech + hr)

1. I sow her -__ airport
At , on ,  in ,  across

2. Masi specialises __ plesent ,well balanced wines  
into,  about   ,in,   with

3. By the time I arrived __ the pub she all ready left
in, on , at, into

4. erbiage
the act of doing something
the use many words witout nessecity
a vegitable
non of the above

5. frutful means

6. aestheically means

7. ___panda & white tiger are in denger species ? a ,an ,the ,none

8. __ doctor who you met yesterday was my father ? a, an, the, none

9. __ university of its status does'nt eevn need to advertise ? a, an, the , none of the article reqiuered

10. 45students , 12 in debate only ,22 in singing only how many in both ?  9 ,11 ,25 ,45

11. 10 play cabaddi,20 play kho kho only ,5 both how many in total ?  35,28 ,40,can't say

12. 100 spoke english, 40 speek french ,20 both at least one?    110,100,140,120

13. 200 total 125 like piza 115 berger both? 15,40,72,80

14. 10 friends meet for movie 20 for picnic and 5 for games 4 for m& pic 2 for m&g 0 for p&g 2 for all hoe many are students? 11,16,25,35

15. A poll poniting towards east by accident started to point towards south. A man was travelling thing west  what is the actual dir ?N,S,E ,W

16. Sagar was riding bike towards north,turned left road 1 km turnes towrds left &road 2km found himself 1km west of starting how far did he road north? 1,2,3,5

17. 600 to be seated.10benches are 2 more persons are required to be seated in each how many benches.

18. Selling a ac gains 25% on SP.what %gain on CP.

19. Students from different universities.
A speaks hindi and bengali.
B hindi and english.
C english and bengali.
D tamil and hindi
E bengali and tamil

20. Interpretor between C and D
A only
B only
E only
A ,B and E

21. Can't speak without interpretor

22. 5 children were born on the same day but on different years in b/w 1999 - 2003 . Abhya is younger than dinesh and frahan vaskar is naughtiest of all. girish is older than dinesh and farhan.  If Abhay is born in 2002, then in which year farhan is born :
2000- 2001
1999, 2000, 2001

23. Order in which childrens are born ?

24. * = +, / = *, + =- , - = / 2/9*11+10- 8
A) 20.8
B) 27.8
C) 27.8
D) 25.8

25. *= -, /=+,+=/,-=*

26. ------stores a log of changes made to db,which are then written to _,which are then written to _,which is used if db recovery is necc.
a) db buffer share pool
b) program global area,shared pool
c) system global area,large pool
d) redo log buffer,online redo log

27. ----means allowing objects of difference types to be considered as examples of a higher level set :
ans: Generalization

28. The primary characteristic of key field is that it must be unique

29. Manager-------------- --emp managed by   ans:one of many recursive relationship

30. If a member initialiser is not provided for a member object of a class .The object - is called
a) static fn
b) non static fn
c) default constructor
d) none

31. class constest
const int i;

32. Inheritance
b) abstract base class
c) specifies a way to to define a const member data
d) none

33. Iimplement polymorphism when by object belonging to different class can respond to the same message in diff ways.
a) late binding
b)dynamic binding
c) dynamically created object
d) virtual fun

34. Member function---------- and ----------- set and reset the format state of flags.
a) set,reset
b) set,get
c) set, unset
d) set ,unsetf

35. #include
struct abc
int i;
abc(int j)
{ i=j;}
void display()
{ cout<

void main()
abc ob(10);
b) error : constructor is not accessible
c) abc: i not accessible

36. # include
class sample
public :
sample(int **pp)
int **p;
int **sample:: *ptr=&sample ::p;

37. In a file A...Z characters are written.if we open the file using fopen and
what will be the output.?
Ans . Y.(please verify Here last parameter is the integer value to seel_end

38. Same question with
ans. 11th character will be printed "K" verify.

39. Theory question about far pointers.

40. Now some questions about extern variables.

41. #include
char str[]={"hell"};
int i;
printf("%c%c%c%c ",str[i],i[str],*(str+i),*(i+str));
note that str[i] and i[str] are the the question paper, the original word is "hello".

42. Which of the following is not defined in string.h strtod,memchr,strspn,strchr
ans . strtod.(defined in STDLIB.H) it is used to convert a string to double.

43. Questions on macros with arguments .same pattern given in TEST UR C SKILLS
eg.#define SQUARE(x) x*x
ans. when the macro expands we get 2+3*2+3 = 2+6+3 =11.11 is the correct answer not 25.

44. Remember an inline function does type checking and so it is better than a macro a question on this.

45. Some memory is allocated using memalloc and then realloc is called. and now to write the size  of the variable.better learn memalloc and realloc. what it does and syntax.

    HR Interview.
46. First they will ask u to intro urself.
47. Ur strength and weakness.Be clear abt this
48. Ur acheivements
49. hey are very particular abt the GAPS in our studies.
50. Ur Hobbies
51. Why u choose accenture and tell abt it
52. Willing to relocate.(Say Yes &.ready to work anywhere for accenture)

         Technical Interview
53. Abt Ur project.(u will be grilled by them)
54. Be confidence.(They will check ur temper by asking some questions)
55. Abt software development life cycle
56. Abt ur interest area in computer field
57. Abt memory management in Operating System.
58. Abt Unix basic commands
59. Abt doubly linked list
60. Fibonacci series and palindrome program in C
61. Abt Gates(Be prepare on Digital Circuit Logic Design)
62. Abt complier design(phases)
63. bt TCP&IP and OSI Model.
64. Abt OOPS concepts.

1- data model is
a) entity    b) constriants c) entity relationship   d) all the above
ans:- c
2- choise the correct one select ,emp.age from emp1,emp2 where emp.sno = 456;
a) cluster b) non-cluster c) index d) none of these
3- what is index?
a) atrendum selectio of colum
ans) a
 4- match the following
 1- one to one           a) manager to employ
 2- one to many        b) employ to employ
 3- many to one        c) unique object
 4- many to many      d) employ to manager
 a) 1-a ,2-b ,3-c,4-d  b) 1-c,2-d,3-a,4-b    c) 1-c,2-a,3-d,4-b   d) 1-d,2-b,3-a,4-c
ans)   c
1          max                  222
2           allen              333
3           rony              444                                  

Select from first where first.age = (select first.age from first where first.sno = 3);
a) max   b) allen   c) rony d) noneof these
THERE were 3 question on same type of queries(u should be good in foreign key relationship and relationship with in a single table).
One question was based on INDEX.
Also one more mapping relationship given based upon the figure.
5 question based upon SIMPLE preposition (dam easy)
3 question from article.
5 questions from a single passage.
4-5 questions of synonyms.(from a given word was bold .for that).
VERY -VERY EASY question from R.S. aggarwal ..(logical based maths).
3 questions based upon equality of number's  means
three no's given  
a)       if all equal
b)       if 1,2 same
c)       if 2,3 same
d)       none ..
 DAM -easy
 3 questions based upon equality of symbols   means
if + means * and * means / and - means + and + means -
then mean of 28*40/4+2-6
 8 question upon set theory means
if 100 r selecting in maths; and 90 in physics; 120 in chemistry; & 22 in phy& maths both ,33 in maths & chemisty both; 44 in ches & phy 11 in all
1)       how many only in maths  .
2)       Only in physics 
3)       Only in chemistry  .
4)   how many in atleast 2 



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