March 17, 2010


QUANTITATIVE/LOGICAL REASONING TCS Placement Paper: ( 38 questions , 40 minutes )

1. A pupil's marks were wrongly entered as 83 instead of 63. Due to that the average marks for the class got
increased by half. The number of pupils in the class is

A) 10 B) 20 C) 40 D) 73

Ans: C

2. The average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg and that of B and C be
43 kg, then the weight of B is

A) 17 kg B) 20 kg C) 26 kg D) 31 kg

Ans: D

3. The average monthly salary of 20 employees in an organisation is Rs. 1500. If the manager's salary is added,
then the average salary increases by Rs. 100. What is the manager's salary?

A) Rs.2000 R) Rs.2400 C) Rs. 3600 D) Rs.4800

Ans: C

4. The average of five consecutive numbers in n. If the next two numbers are also included, the average will :

A) remain the same B) increase by 1 C) increase by 1.4 D) increase by 2

Ans: B

5. In an election between two candidates, one got 55% of the total valid votes, 20% of the votes were invalid.
If the total number of votes was 7500, the number of valid votes that the other candidate got, was

A) 2700 B) 2900 C) 3000 D) 3100

Ans: A

6. Two tailors X and Y are paid a total of Rs. 550 pe week by their employer. If X is paid 120 percent of the sum
paid to Y, how much is Y paid per week

A) Rs. 200 B) Rs. 250 C) Rs.300 C) Rs. None of these

Ans : B

7. A student secures 90%, 60% and 54% marks in test papers with 100, 150 and 200 respectively as maximum
marks. The percentage of his aggregate is

A) 64 B) 68 C) 70 D) None of these

Ans: A

8. A man gains 20% by selling an article for a certain price. If he sells it at double the price, the percentage of profit
will be

A) 40 B) 100 C) 120 D) 140

Ans: D

9. Profit earned by selling an article for Ra. 1060 is 20% more than the loss incurred by selling the article for
Rs. 950. At what price should be article be sold to earn 20% profit.?

A) 980 B) 1080 C) 1800 D) None of these

Ans: D

10. The ages of A and B are in the ration of 3:1. Fifteen years hence, the ratio will be 2:1 Their present ages are

A) 30 years, 10 years B) 45 years, 15 years C) 21 years, 7 years D) 60 years, 20 years

Ans: B

11. The electricity bill of a certain establishment is partly fixed and partly varies as the number of units of electricity
consumed. When in a certain month 540 units are consumed, the bill is Rs. 1800. In another month 620 units
are consumed and the bill is Rs. 2040. In yet another month 500 units are consumed. The bill for that month
would be

A) Rs.1560 B) Rs. 1680 C) Rs. 1840 D) Rs. 1950

Ans: B

12. A and B are two alloys of gold and copper prepared by mixing metals in the ratio 7: 2 and 7: 11 respectively.
If equal quantities of the alloys are melted to form a third alloy C, the ratio of gold and copper in C will be

A) 5:7 B) 5:9 C) 7:5 D) 9:5

Ans: C

13. Three men, four women and six children can complete a work in seven days. A women does double the work
a man does and a child does half the work a man does. How many women alone can complete this work in
7 days

A) 7 B) 8 C) 12 D) Cannot be determined E) None of these

Ans: A

14. A man, a women and a boy can complete a job in 3, 4 and 12 days respectively. How many boys must assist
1 man and 1 women to complete the job in 1/4 of a day.

A) 1 B) 4 C) 19 D) 41

Ans: D

15. If 6 men and 8 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days while 26 men and 48 boys can do the same in 12 days,
the time taken by 15 men and 20 boys in doing the same type of work will be :

A) 4 days B) 5 days C) 6 days D) 7 days

Ans: A

16. With a uniform speed a car covers the distance in 8 hours. Had the speed been increased by 4 km/hr, the same
distance could have been covered in 7/1/2 hours. What is the distance covered?

A) 420 km B) 480 km C) 640 km D) Cannot determined E) None of these

Ans: B

17. In a flight of 600 km, a aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was
reduced by 200 km/ hr and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The duration of the flight is :

A) 1 hour B) 2 hours C) 3 hours D) 4 hours

Ans: A

18.It takes eight hours for a 600 km journey, if 120 km is done by train and the rest by car. It takes 20 minutes
more, if 200 km is done by trai and the rest by car. The ratio of the speed of the train to that of the car is :

A) 2 : 3 B) 3 : 2 C) 3 : 4 D) 4 : 3

Ans: C

19. A goods train runs at the speed of 72 kmph and crosses a 250 m long platform in 26 seconds. What is the
length of the goods train ?

A) 230 m B) 240 m C) 260 m D) 270 m

Ans: D

20. A 300 metre long train crosses platform in 39 seconds while it crosses a signal pole in 18 seconds. What is the
length of the platform ?

A) 320 m B) 350 m C) 650 m D) Data inadequate E) None of these

Ans: B

21. A 270 metres long train running at the speed of 120 kmph crosses another train running in opposite direction at
the speed of 80 kmph in 9 seconds. What is the length of the other train

A) 230 m B) 240 m C) 260 m D) 320 m E) None of these

Ans: A

22. A man can row at 5 kmph in still water. If the velocity of current is 1 kmph and it takes him 1 hour to row to a
place and come back, how far is the place ?

A) 2.4 km B) 2.5 km C) 3 km D) 3.6 km

Ans: A

23. A boat takes 19 hours for travelling downstream from point A to point B and coming back to a point C midway
between A and B. If the velocity of the stream is 4 kmph and the speed of the boat in still water is 14 kmph,
what is the distance between A and B ?

A) 160 km B) 180 km C) 200 km D) 220 km

Ans : B

24. Peter invested an amount of Rs. 12000 at the rate of 10 p.c.p.a. simple interest and another amount at the rate
of 20 p.c.p.a simple interest. The total interest earned at the end of one year on the total amount invested
become 14 p.c.p.a. Find the total amount invested.

A) 20,000 B) 22,000 C) 24,000 D) 25,000 E) None of these

Ans: A

25. The rates of simple interest in two banks A and B are in the ratio 5 : 4. A person wants to deposit his total
savings in two banks in such a way that he received equal half-yearly interest from both. he should deposit the
savings in banks A and B in the ration :

A) 2 : 5 B) 4 : 5 C) 5 : 2 D) 5 : 4

Ans : B

26. What will be the cost of gardening 1 metre broad boundary around a rectangular plot having perimeter of 340
metres at the rate of Rs.10 per square metre ?

A) Rs. 1700 B) Rs. 3400 C) Rs. 3440 D) Cannot be determined E) None of these

Ans : C

27.The length and breadth of the floor of the room are 20 feet and 10 feet respectively. Square tiles of 2 feet length
of different colours are to be laid on the floor. Black tiles are laid in the first row on all sides. If white tiles are laid
in the one-third of the remaining and blue tiles in the rest, how many blue tiles will be there ?

A) 16 B) 24 C) 32 D) 48 E) one of these

Ans: A

28. A park square in shape has a 3 metre wide road inside it running along its sides. To area occupied by the road
is 1764 square metres. What is the perimeter along to outer edge of the road ?

A) 576 metres B) 600 metres C) 640 metres D) Data inadequate E) None of these

Ans: B

29. At what time between 7 and 8 o'clock will the hands of a clock be in the same straight line but not together

A) 5 min. past 7 B) 5 2/11 min. past 7 C) 5 3/11 min. past 7 D) 5 5/11 min. past 7

Ans: D

30. A watch which gains uniformly is 2 minutes low at noon on Monday and is 4 min. 48 sec fast at 2 p.m on the
following Monday. When was it correct ?

A) 2 p.m on Tuesday B) 2 p.m on Wednesday C) 3 p.m on Thursday D) 1 p.m on Friday

Ans: B

31. How many shares of market value Rs. 25 each can be purchased for Rs. 12750, brockerage being 2 % ?

A) 450 B) 500 C) 550 D) 600

Ans : B

32. A Man buys Rs. 50 shares in a company which pays 10% dividend. If the man gets 12.5% on his investment,
at what price did he buy the shares ?

A) Rs. 37.50 B) Rs. 40 C) Rs. 48 D) Rs. 52

Ans: B

33. In how many different ways can be letters of the word, 'RUMOUR' be arranged ?

A) 180 B) 90 C) 30 D) 720 E) None of these

Ans : A

34. In how many different ways can the letters of the word 'AUCTION' be arranged in such a way that the vowels
always come together ?

A) 30 B) 48 C) 144 D) 576 E) none of these

Ans : D

35. In a group of 6 boys and 4 girls, four children are to be selected. In how many different ways can they be
selected such that at least one boy should be there ?

A) 159 B) 194 C) 205 D) 209 E) None of these

Ans: D

36. A box contains 5 green, 4 yellow and 3 white marbles. Three marbles are drawn at randum. What is the
probability that they are not of the same colour ?

A) 3/44 B) 3/55 C) 52/55 D) 41/44

Ans : D

37. In a box, there are 8 red, 7 blue and 6 green balls. One ball is picked up randomly. what is the probability that it
is neither red nor green ?

A) 2/3 B) 3/4 C) 7/19 D) 8/21 E) 9/21

Ans : D

38. The true discount on Rs. 1760 due after a certain time at 12% per annum is Rs. 160. The time after which it is
due is

A) 6 months B) 8 months C) 9 months D) 10 months

Ans : D



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